Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Maertz - And You EP [Anhura Records]

When you spend all day, everyday listening to music, you can see why its no surprise to why I have started a blog and writing the odd review. You think you've heard the best track of the week, then another one comes along and drops through the mail. This is a weekly, sorry, daily process for me and my inbox - so you can understand why I can't review them all. This weeks review comes from one of my new favourite labels - Anhura Records.

Maertz, a young producer from Barcelona gives Anhura it's 17th release, with his deep, techy summery vibes we can see why. The 'And You EP' contains two tracks and with their remixes they are a clear example of the artists sound and direction, from the off in 'And You' you find yourself drawn into the deep catchy groove, the arrangements are simple, as is the rest of the track, but with the addition of the vocal - you get hooked. Its simple layout is something I'm a fan of myself, but this just all slides into place and will be in my CD case for months to come. The remix comes from El Mundo & Satori and they provide the track with an atmosphere, quirky sounds and a deep consistency which runs through the track for the duration, perfect for very late nights in extremely dark rooms.

Next  up is 'Vilares' - this introduces us to Maertz's more uptempo side of his talents, grooving percussion from the start, a riding hi hat and a looping synth stab that makes it to a more danceable and dance-floor oriented track. The originals breakdown is my favourite part of this track, a real build up - which would get a 'hands in the air' reaction, different from his other track - but sure to have you dancing. Miguel Lobo & Andre Butano slow things down with their remix, a deep, bumpy, soft chorded track. It's one of them tracks that just make you tap your feet and nod your head, but as we all know - their the types of tracks that make a crowd work.

Artist: Maertz
Title: And You EP
Label: Anhura Records
Cat No: ANR017
Style: Deep House / Tech House
Release Date: 3rd November 2011

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