Thursday, 24 November 2011

Jesus Pablo - Supper Sessions - 21.11.2011

Weekly Picks
Shades Of Gray ft. Beckford - Midnight Lover [Beef Records]
Monsier M - Appletini (Original Mix) [Savoir Faire Musique]
Dominic Martin - Guesswork [Lost My Dog]

Jesus Pablo's One to Watch
Phil Weeks - Mind Game (D'Julz Remix) [Robsoul Recordings]

Blast from the Past
Simone - My Family Depends On Me (Club Vocal Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]

One of my Own
Jesus Pablo - Simple Ideas Work Best (Original Mix) [Savoir Faire Musique]

Mini Mix Up
Prommer & Barck - The Barking Grizzle (Detroit-Berlin) (Norman & Jerome Sydenham Remix) [Derwin Recordings]
Paul2Paul - Hug The Lightness [In Deep Records]
Danny Daze & Matches - If This [Noir Music]
Larse - So Long [Noir Music]

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Shades Of Gray - Soul Machine (Album Sampler) [Beef Records]

After 18 months of intense work in the studio Shades of Gray emerge with their debut album ‘Soul Machine’.  This sampler includes three original tracks and three remixes from The Timewriter, Peter Horrevorts and Lexy.

The duo of Michal Schwa and Nick West have progressively established themselves over the years producing consistently solid tracks and remixes for labels such as Neurotraxx Deluxe, Om Records, Salted Music, Dark Energy, Tronicsole and of course their home label Beef Records on which ‘Soul Machine’ is released.

Released as a 2 CD set, vinyl and digital download, ‘Soul Machine’ includes 11 original tracks and 11 remixes from an all-star cast including veterans The Timewriter, Jef K & Gwen Maze, Soul Minority, Fiord and Lexy (Lexy & K-Paul) as well as some of the hottest emerging producers such as Peter Horrevorts, Steve Ward, Uone, LuRob and Londonground.

Shades Of Gray was born following Czech national Schwa’s move to Australia in 2005.  He soon teamed up with local Nick West both in the studio and as a partner in Beef Records. They quickly gained a reputation as one of the hottest acts on the Sydney underground scene and it wasn't long until they were touring internationally performing from Tokyo to Moscow and Paris to Prague.  With support from the likes of Shur-I-Kan, Miss Kittin, Jimpster, Pezzner, Laurent Garnier and Miguel Migs, SOG have clocked up over 50 releases including the sales chart topping ‘Moog in the House’.

The album is a definite progression for SOG, heading deeper into sampling territory and drawing on what’s come before to define their vision of the future sound of house music.  Reinterpreting influences from soul to disco through the sharpened lens of 2012 production, SOG have delivered a stunning collection of tunes that have that instant classic feel that will remain relevant for years to come.

Artist: Shades Of Grey
Title: Soul Machine (Album Sampler)
Label: Beef Records
Cat No: BEEFCD005
Style: Deep House
Release Date: 5th December 2011

Phil Weeks - Love Affair LP (Remixes) [Robsoul Recordings]

The start of 2011 saw Phil Weeks release his 'Love Affair' LP, exploring funk and soul samples and turning them into dance floor bombs in his inimitable style. Over the course of the year Phil has invited an all-star cast of remixers to rework the tracks across 4 vinyl releases and this final installment might well be the best yet as DJ Sneak goes up against Phil's hand picked "French Gangsters" - namely D'Julz, Chris Carrier and DJ W!LD.

All four remixers can be considered house music legends and they show why on remixes of 'Can't Get Enough', 'Mind Game', Luv U Need U' and 'Slow Dance (U Cry)' - covering the full scope of Chicago, deep and tech house every version will undoubtedly rock dance floors the world over.

The vinyl will feature four remixes while a bumper digital package will include additional versions from DJ W!LD and D'Julz (included on this promo as tracks 5 and 6), as well as Phil's four original album mixes.

Artist: Phil Weeks
Title: Love Affair LP (DJ Sneak vs The French Gangsters Remixes)
Label: Robsoul Recordings
Cat No: ROBSOUL104
Style: House
Release Date: 9th December 2011

Phil Weeks - Love Affair LP (DJ Sneak vs The French Gangsters Remixes) (Robsoul, ROBSOUL104) by Kahua Music

Monday, 14 November 2011

Jesus Pablo - Supper Sessions - 14.11.2011

Weekly Picks
UrumusicArt - Tierra (Original Mix) [Adult Music Records]
Christian Sanchez & Frej Le Vin - The Joy (Micha Klang Remix) [Unrivaled Music]
Stefano Albanese - Old Touch (The Wrecker Remix) [Casareccio Records]

Jesus Pablo's One to Watch
Marcin Czubala - Just Away [mobilee]

Blast from the Past
Sterling Void - It's Alright (Original 12'' Mix) [DJ International Records]

One of my Own
Freddy Parisi - Purple (Jesus Pablo & Di Riviera ReRub) [Nightchild Records]

Mini Mix Up
Timo Garcia - No Shame (Re-form Rework) [Very Very Wrong Indeed]
Rainer Trueby - Jeck (Marcus Worgull Dub) [Compost Records]
Moskardi & Andre Guarda - Bright Blend (Original Mix) [Cromarti Records]
Dominic Martin - Bling [Lost My Dog]

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Surrealism - Private Party [Suara]

Surrealism is one of the favourite newbies of the scene at the Suara HQ's. After their track on Kitties Wanna Dance 2 and the remix for Benny Rodrigues, this Bulgarian combo releases his first EP on Suara showing two of their numerous faces. "Private Party" it's a disco house tune, very captivating and sexy. Perfect for the warming the first hours of the night. The opposite of  "On The Run", agressive and straight-to-the-eye-of-the-floor. The remixes come from Netherlands and New York. We.dig Music label owner Lauhaus and the new kid on the indie-disco-meets-deep-house-on-acid of the American crew Night Plane took "Private Party" and bring it to their very own way. Lauhaus version is dancefloor oriented, very solid and groovy. Night Plane remix sounds mature, psychedelic and synth! etic. 4 different tunes for different moments and different DJs. This release is a new turn to Suara, once again... Always quality. Artwork by GaAs.

Artist: Surrealism
Title: Party People EP
Label: Suara
Cat No: Suara043
Style: Deep House / Tech House
Release Date: 23rd November 2011

V/A - Second Chances & New Romances Vol. 3 [Noir Music]

The highly anticipated Volume 3 of “Second Chances & New Romances” is here and the usual quality stamp on these popular EPs haven just been raised with volume 3 being the best to date.

Larse – So Long
How do you follow up on the huge summer success of “The More I Want” and “For Real” ?? “So Long” is how. The big tastemakers are anticipating something great from Larse and.... Larse prove's he is “the one” to watch right now and keeps his production quality super high with this moody tune for the fall and early winter sets.

Danny Daze & Matches – If This
A good friend sent us a link to a Soundcloud snippet of this new collaboration between Danny Daze & Matches. We fell in love instantly and asked Danny for a copy and that’s what we got. Superb deephouse production from the guys which at the same time also showing off Danny's great diversity and production skills.

Den Ishu – New Luv
Another track that was love at first listen. The blend of quirky vocals and a spot on pumpin' deephouse production was simply irresistable and the first weekend I brought this gem with me to the clubs it simply went off everywhere. You know a winner when you hear it instantly and this might even be Den Ishu's best track to date.

Balcazar & Sordo – Wake Me Up
We really believe these guys will make it big, if not in 2011 then in 2012. We have heard several productions by Balcazar & Sordo and almost every track is outstanding. They have got releases coming on No.19 Music & Dirt Crew. But let's start here on Noir Music with the introduction of a great duo that you will definitely hear more from in years to come. This is the sound of now.

Tiger Stripes – Trip Me
For the second time on this EP series we have the honour of giving you a brand new Tiger Stripes track. Tiger Stripes is one of our favourite producers as his quality bar is set very high on each production + his diversity is on top as well. This track is a grower with its hypnotic lopped vocals and delightful funky groove. Another dancefloor winner from the Tiger.

Tapesh & Daynes - Leadbelly
If Fatboy Slim anno 1999 met deephouse then this is what it would sound like. The vocals takes you back to the best days of the big beat guru and keep it ultra cool with the filtered deephouse stabs and tight production. We bet this track will create some serious cheers in the clubs.

Blond:ish ft. Ted Alexander – Truth In Me
This Canadian female-duo might seem unknown to many of you, but be aware they are here to stay. Another act we believe in as we have heard lots of their productions and they really do carry something special. “Truth In Me” is a collaboration between Blond:ish and Ted Alexander on vocals. Lovely layers, tight beats, distant vocals and a heavy subb to get the crowd going. The perfect track to round off SC&NR Volume 3. 

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Second Chances & New Romances Vol. 3
Label: Noir Music
Cat No: NMW028
Style: Deep House 
Release Date: OUT NOW

[Noir Music] V/A - Second Chances & New Romances Vol. 3 // OUT NOW by Noir

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Kaarel - Cyclic Situations [Flumo Recordings]

All the support and we are enjoying on the part of some of the best gourmets of danceable electronic gives us way to lay more dishes which may be considered delicacies. For them and all our anonymous table companions are all these simply tasteful seasonings.

We receive in our dining room this 'Cyclic Situations EP', a debut prepared by Kaarel, pseudonym of the new project by The Machinist, a Sevillian settled in Berlin who has already edited with labels such as Nordik Net, Amoeba or Tretmuehle.

'Next to you' is the opening track whcih gives name to the whole work. Cuisine of careful soaking, fully recognized in the contemporary context , but also nurtured by a spicy lot originated in the purest deep house.
Fiakun Team is the creative collective behind the homonymous label Fiakun, becoming by its own merits one of the most outstanding proposals of fine modernist House this decade. Artists as Daniel Bortz, Roberto Rodriguez or Penner+Muder are a good example of this. Enjoy this exquisite remix of 'Next to You' springy and dynamized by our Basque boys. A hedonist sense of house classicism with an impeccable craft.

Photoclick is one of our home artists, but not precisely a homey one. Proof of this is his particular sensibility in adding new elements from sonorities related to electronic in a wide stylistic spectrum. Love this remake of 'Next to You' -lilting and caramelized slow soulful vibes- where music whips and silence melts..
Artist: Kaarel
Title:Cyclic Situations EP
Label: Flumo Recordings
Cat No: FLR026
Style: Deep House 
Release Date: 15th November 2011

FLR026 :: Kaarel :: Cyclic Situations EP by Flumo Recordings

Marcin Czubala - Just Away [Mobilee Records]

Marcin Czubala has been a busy man of late but the paper work certainly hasn't stopped the creativity flowing. Whilst setting up his own imprint 'Your Mama's Friend', for which he produced the first release, he is now back with a very strong EP for mobilee records 'Just Away'. As someone who is always moving forward and looking to expand in new ways, Czubala applies the same philosophy to his music production and this release presents avery fresh look on modern house music.

'Just Away' features four tracks, each of which are expertly produced and have their own moment in the night, with much more bass, rawness and energy than his previous releases. Whilst the title track warms the floor with drawn out synths and a expectant bassline, 'Memory Lane' is an obvious peak time killer. Meanwhile on the flip, 'Not Like This' and 'Pleasure Control' carry a calmer deep house vibe, but still enough of a kick to keep the floor moving.


Artist: Marcin Czubala
Title: Just Away EP
Label: Mobilee Records
Cat No:
Style: Deep House / Tech House
Release Date: 21st November 2011 on 12" & Digitial

Marcin Czubala - Just Away - mobilee087 by mobilee records

Dominic Martin - Family Affair (Part 2) [Lost My Dog]

Dominic Martin is the man responsible for the second installment of Lost My Dog’s ‘Family Affair’ series, which began in February 2011 with Harold Heath.  The series of full-length projects aims to shine a spotlight on the artists that have shaped the sound of the label.

Glaswegian Dominic presents a 14 track mix containing no less than eight brand new tracks made specially for the album and a new remix from Giom.  The remaining five tracks mark Dominic’s personal LMD highlights including remixes of his work by house heavyweights Milton Jackson and Johnny Fiasco.

Dominic Martin - Family Affair (Part 2)
Dominic Martin - Homage New Jersey
Dominic Martin - Homage New Jersey (Giom Remix)
Dominic Martin - Bling
Dominic Martin - Touch Of Soul

Artist: Dominic Martin
Title: Family Affair (Part 2)
Label: Lost My Dog (UK)
Cat No: LMDLP005B

Style: Deep House / Tech House
Release Date: 28th November 2011

Monday, 7 November 2011

Jesus Pablo - Supper Sessions - 07.11.2011

Jesus Pablo - Supper Sessions - 07.11.2011

Weekly Picks
Michael McLardy - Blinded By Youth (Original Mix) [Deep Edition Recordings]
No Dial Tone - I Really Want This (Original Mix) [Pins & Needles]
Yohan Esprada - BB Love Story (Original Mix) [Soul Industries]

Jesus Pablo's One to Watch
Sami Wentz - Finally Too (Matteo Spedicati Sentimental Remix) [Wentz Records]

Blast from the Past
Reese Project - Direct me (Joey Negro Vocal Club Remix) [Network Records]

One of my Own
Lunacy Sound Division - Night Bazaar (Jesus Pablo Remix) [Cubsim]

Mini Mix Up
Dakin Auret - Maybe You're Right (Original Mix) [Oh So Coy Recordings]
DJ Hal ft.Jay Thomas - Dont Give It Up (City Soul Project Club Mix) [Blockhead Recordings]
Dominic Martin - Homage New Jersey (Giom Remix) [Lost My Dog]
Corduroy Mavericks - Jack Is Jack (Original Mix) [6th Sense Deep]

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