Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Jesus Pablo - Supper Sessions - 17.10.2011

Weekly Picks
Maertz - And You (Original Mix) [Anhura Records]
Benny Rodrigues - It's A Spiritual Thing (Original Mix) [Suara]
Adam Coley & Jesus Pablo - Trick Or Treat (Stefan K Remix) [Endemic Digital]

Jesus Pablo's One to Watch
Onoff - Disco Fever (Original Mix) [Home Audio]

Blast from the Past
Rozzo - Into Your Heart (Guess Whose Club Remix) [Plastic City America]

One of my Own
Jesus Pablo - Behind The Line (Original Mix) [CDR]

Mini Mix Up
Eric Timpleton - Hit The Ground (Original Mix) [Elite Records]
Philipp Ort - These Days (Sami Wentz Deepful Remix) [Trend Records]
Sebo K - Mr. Duke [Mobilee Records]
Kiko Navarro - Love Will Be Forever [House Is The Cure]

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