Saturday, 10 March 2012

Something Different For The Weekend - 10.03.2012

Jesus Pablo & Di Riviera present...
Something Different For The Weekend - 10.03.2012

Jesus Pablo's Weekend Opener
VIVID - Aphrodisia (Left Minded Remix) [Deso Records]

Pick Of The Week
Tom Taylor & Gareth Whitehead - The Music [Bulletdodge Records]

Something From The Label
Matthieu Duchesne - Deep In The Night (Robot Needs Oil Remix) [Something Different Records]

Di Riviera's Track Of The Weekend
Matt Correa, Alejandra Toledano, Mara Ayala - Music In My Head (Original Mix) [Adult Music]

Anton Lanski's Guest Mix
Gespleu - My Scale Pan Is Not Like Yours [Etoka Records]
Gespleu - You Can't Be Missed If You Never Go Away [Etoka Records]
CB Funk - You've Got [Story Rec]
Two Armadillos - A Walk In The Park [Two Armadillos]
Ethyl & Huxley - 3 Feet High (Roman Flugel Mix 1) [Saints & Sonnets]
Leif - Almost Invisible [Liebe*Detail]

One For The Road
M1 - Feel The Drums (Sweaty Drums Mix) [Emotive Records]

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