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[SDR006] Aartekt - You & Me EP [Something Different Records]

[SDR006] Aartekt - You & Me EP [Something Different Records]

Aartekt - You & Me (Original Mix)
Aartekt - You & Me (Harold Heath Remix)
Aartekt - Girl Get Up (Original Mix)
Aartekt - Girl Get Up (Kirby Remix)


[SDR006] Aartekt - You & Me / Girl Get Up [Something Different Records] by SomethingDifferentRecords

Main Feedback:

Aki Bergen (Noir Music / Toolroom / Neurotrax):
Nice pack guys. Kirby remix and You & Me Original are my picks here.

Soul Minority (Kolour Recordings / Raw Cutz Records):
Awesome - Kirby remix, thanks for the promo!

Zoe Xenia (Suara / Plastic City):
Totally diggin' the Harold Heath Remix!!

Anderson Noise (Noise Music):
good tracks

The Messenger (i Records / Soul Industries):
Both Harold Heath Remix and Kirby Remix are pure bliss!Love it! Thanks for sending.

Edmund (i Records):
In this EP without doubt my fav is Kirby remix. Glad to see Kirby back to the scene.. I know he has lot of talent to offer.

Harold Heath (Lost My Dog):
Great vocal, great label, great project, v. happy to be involved :o)

Tim Andresen (Toolroom / What Happens)
It's all about the Kirby Remix. I wouldn't actually call it something different but it's the best track I've heard from the label yet and is pure class.

Gareth Whitehead (Kling Klong / Lost My Dog):
Another class release from this ever growing label. The label title says it all!! refreshing to see a label not following trends and releasing quality electronic music accross the spectryum. For me the Harold Heath Remix is excellent!!! An all round strong package however, full support!!!

Alvaro Hylander (Deepwit):
It's all about the Kirby Remix, Great one!!

Acid Andee (Lost My Dog):
Nice Ep Guys, kirby remix is very good and also You and me original mix! Full support to SD! Andrea

Thomas Sonora (Kolorit Recordings):
Very nice EP here! Will dig Harold Heath remix of "You & Me" and the original "Girl Get Up", but all tracks are strong. Support!

Sami Wentz (Wentz Records):
Kirby Remix - this version for me :)

Roland Nights (Lost My Dog):
Really loving the Kirby and Harold Heath mixes on this one, I think the Kirby mix just tips it.

Dilby (Beef Records):
Kirby remix is dope!

Scott Harrington (Savoir Faire Musique):
Kirby mix is cool.

Soul Sway (Deep Edition / Savoir Faire Musique):
nice package! girl get up - both original & kirby remix work - but i think original has a slight edge on it for me. would have loved to hear a dub version of you & me.

Mark Santangelo (Movement-UK):
Kirby Remix is wow!!

J Kar (Nightbird Music / Something Different Records):
nice ep... kirby remix for me..

CRAM (Deso Records / Deep Edition Recordings):
Girl Get Up (Kirby Remix) for me. Like that one. Thanx for sending. Will play for sure!

Tony S (Bulletdodge / Savoir Faire Musique)
'You And Me (Original Mix)' - love the groove, keys pattern works great. Got to be honest though, not really feeling the vocal, I think it gives it too much of an indie feel to my ears. 'You And Me (Harold Heath Remix)' - interesting mix bringing in the dubstep-type ideas, again though the vocals push it too far into sort of indie/punky territory for my taste. 'Girl Get Up (Original Mix)' - old school, late night feel to this one. Like the use of retro sounds, and again a nice groove. 'Girl Get Up (Kirby Remix)' - favourite track by far. Great groove, organ part gives it nice movement, good use of the vocal parts. Builds really well. Will play this out later this month. Overall: full support for the Kirby Remix, the other tracks are nicely done but not quite the right vibe for my sets.

Jerry K (Society 3.0):
i like Aartekt - Girl Get Up (Kirby Remix), VERY COOL!!

Mr. Leman (Something Different Records):
You and Me (Original): Defenetly my favourite on this ep.  Defenently on of my favourite releases for this year so far. Love the vocals, the groove, the synth, and the plays! Love! You and Me (Harold Heat Remix): Also like this remix. A bit deeper, and its nice! Girl Get Up (Original): Love the deep and evil feeling on this one! Nice Synth! Girl Get Up (Kirby Remix): Nice uptempo remix!

Al Bradley (3am Recordings):
Solid vibes! The Harold remix is cool & the original 'Girl Get Up' the picks for me.

Dave James (Freq / Renaissance):
You and Me original mix is cool.

Matt Prehn (Oh So Coy Recordings):
Thanks man...it's all about the Kirby mix for me. Will play!

Deepmilo (Cubism / Endemic Digital):
Girl Get Up is HUGE!

Nova (Rodon FM 95):
Kirby’s Remix on ‘’Girl Get Up’’ is a masterpiece. His touch on the Original Mix accelerates my feelings to the place to be. Based on the old school sound of French deep house of the nineties and connected perfectly with the sophisticated synth warmness of Scandinavian producers export one of the most exciting remixes that heard in twenty twelve so far.

Greg Fenton (Sixty Magazine):
poss the strongest release to date for me - cool vocal. reviewing...

Urumusicart (Vendetta Records/ Adult Music Records):
our favorite 'Girl Get Up (Kirby Remix)' - Congratulations! great job! we like all the tracks...

Louis Hughes (6th Sense / 1999 Recordings):
This release is really solid.  Play the HH remix as opening track on the show Thursday but like all the mixes.  Will give the Kirby one a spin on the show tomorrow and also in wales at the weekend.

Oxide (Oxide / UMFM 101.5 / urbnet.com/JACKHOUSE):
Kirby for the win here, love the deep and still bouncy groove.

Rory Cochrane (Deepvibes Radio):
have to say the Kirby rmx of girl get up is absolutely rocking my world right now....love this remix...can see me playing this for a long time...keep em coming!!! ;-)

Alan Culvin (Nervine Records):
006 takes up where 005 left off for SD Records... Aartekt shows some big skills and the Kirby mix tops what is a great EP!!

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