Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Jesus Pablo - Supper Sessions - 24.09.2012

Jesus Pablo - Supper Sessions - 24.09.2012

Weekly Picks
Emde & Julio (Italy) - Novela (Philipp Ort Remix) [Black White Orange Records]
Vick Echo - Shouts (Original Mix) [Itom Records]
Crocodile Soup - Feel My Vibes (Original Mix) [Tzinah Records]

Jesus Pablo's One to Watch
Hollis P Monroe ft. Overdrive - If You Have A Doubt (Mario Basanov Remix) [Noir Music]

Blast from the Past
Ten City - Fantasy (Masters At Work 12" Mud Mix) [Columbia]

One of my Own
Jesus Pablo & Adam Brass ft. Brittney Manson - True Story (Junior Gee Remix) [i! Records]

Mini Mix Up
Tom Flynn - Like Saying [Leena Music]
Pedro Aguiar - Filling The Void (Original Mix) [Freaky Vibes]
Davide Vario - Flexing [BEEF Records]

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