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[SDR007] Matthieu Duchesne - Afternoon In The Garden EP [Something Different Records]

[SDR007] Matthieu Duchesne - Afternoon In The Garden EP [Something Different Records]

Matthieu Duchesne - Afternoon In The Garden (Original Mix)
Matthieu Duchesne - Afternoon In The Garden (Alvaro Hylander Remix)
Matthieu Duchesne - Deep In The Night (Original Mix)
Matthieu Duchesne - Deep In The Night (Robot Needs Oil Remix)

[SDR007] Matthieu Duchesne - Afternoon In The Garden EP [Something Different Records] by SomethingDifferentRecords
Main Feedback:

Anderson Noise (Noise Music):
downloading and support

Abyss (Buzzin Fly):
Matthieu Duchesne - Deep In The Night (Robot Needs Oil Remix) - like this thanx

Tim Andresen (What Happens):
It's not that I dislike the originals but the 2 remixes here are top notch!

Philipp Ort (Roots And Wings Music / Global Underground):
Both originals sounding great. will play and support! thx

Left Minded (i! Records / Paper Recordings / Something Different Records)
diggin the groove on Alvarados remix. Nice and slowed down, perfect for warm ups.

Werner Niedermeier (Bulletdodge):
Nice EP. Really feelin the Alvaro Hylander remix. Love the deepness. Thanks for sending it over!

Gareth Whitehead (Kling Klong / Poker Flat):
Robot needs oil for me, really like the precision and sharpness in the percussion, great groove and good use of the vocals. really nice. on the whole a strong release!!!!! great label!

Dilby (Beef Records):
Cool package. Deep In The Night (Robot Needs Oil Remix) is my pick, 8/10. Will play this for sure!

Stanny Abram (Savoir Faire Musique):
thnx!fantastic release!support!

Sami Wentz (Wentz Records):
Robot Need oil remix for me, thanx

Roland Nights (Lost MY Dog):
Thanks, another great EP from Something Different. Quality stuff all round here, really digging Alvaro's mix, proper deepness...full support!

Matt Prehn (Oh So Coy Recordings):
Loving the Alvaro Hylander the wallet for sure!

Soulight (DeepClass Records / Soul Industries):
Lovely EP! definetely Robot needs oil's remix is the one for us! thx for sending.

Scott Harrington (Savoir Faire Musique):
Really like Alvaro's mix. Lovely stuff here

Soul Sway (Savoir Faire Musique / Deep Edition):
feelin' the alvaro hylander remix of title track and both versions of deep in the night!

Dave James (Freq / Renaissance):
Alvaro Hylander remix works for me.

J Kar (Pesto / Something Different Records):
deep night original and robot needs oil remix nice deep organic sounds..

Tony S (Bulletdodge / Headtunes):
'Afternoon In The Garden' (Original Mix) - good feel, really like the main keys pattern. Nice overall production as I'd expect :) The original tempo is a little high for me so would play this at a lower speed. 'Afternoon In The Garden' (Alvaro Hylander Remix) - much deeper, more reflective feel on the remix, works really well for me. Tasteful arrangement of all the elements, nicely understated. Full support. 'Deep In The Night' (Original Mix) - similar groove to the other original but with a deeper feel and builds well. Melodic percussion sounds work well. 'Deep In The Night' (Robot Needs Oil Remix) - great tempo and deep, driving groove typical of RNO's remixes. Full support on this one, love it!

Mark Santangelo (Movement UK):
Deep In The Night (Robot Needs Oil Remix) is pick of the bunch for me, but do also like afternoon in the garden :)

Wez Saunders (Endemic Digital):
AITG Original has a fab bouncey bassline, whilst Alvaro's remix is nice and laid back. However, both DITN's are winners for me, both have great club elements blending into pure deepness and are exactly where I am at the moment - cheers for sending. Good luck Matthieu

DJ Nova (Planet Radio Show):
Love Alvaro Hylander’s deep mix on ‘’Afternoon In The Garden’’, while I did not like the original. On the hand I like a lot the Original of ‘’Deep In The Night’’, another deep in the Africa track that you can’t ignore. Robot Need Oil Remix supriced me because of the added vocal sampler, that was really clever and something different.

Rory Cochrane (Deepvibes Radio):
thanks for the promo, can see this doing really well on the floors, Alvaro remix has got the vibe for me,also  really like 'deep in the night'  Robot needs Oil remix is cool!, looking forward to more from this guy!! Full support here!!

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