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[SDR005] Mr. Léman - Love That Deep [Something Different Records]

[SDR005] Mr. Léman - Love That Deep [Something Different Records]

Mr. Léman - Love That Deep (Original Mix)
Mr. Léman - Love That Deep (Dudley Strangeways Dub Up Mix)
Mr. Léman - Love That Deep (Matthieu Duchesne Remix)
Mr. Léman - Love That Deep (Onur Özman Remix)


[SDR005] Mr. Leman - Love That Deep [Something Different Records] by SomethingDifferentRecords

Main Feedback:

UGLH (8Bit / Suara):
Original and Onur Özman Remix for us. Thanks

Moodymanc (2020 Vision / Tsuba / Dessous):
Onur Ozman Remix - HOT!!!

Abyss (Buzzin' Fly / Tea Boy):
Dudley Strangeways Dub Up Mix - this for me! cool

Giom (Lost My Dog):
Liking the Onur Ozman mix the most. Thanks guys

Left Minded (Paper Recordings / Look Ahead / Something Different Records)
holy sh*t Onur!!!!! Charting playing listening. OMGGG im writing as im listening. Party time!!!

Gareth Whitehead (Kling Klong / Bulletdodge / Lost My Dog):
Fantastic release again from Something Different! A very strong package indeed. For me my fav is Matthieu Duchesne Remix, just got a nice subby depth to the bass that makes it groove so well!! Full support!

Desos (Deso / Look Ahead Records / Something Different Records):
Very nice cuts, i support the Dudley remix, fantastic! The original is also very nice.

Martijn (Deep Edition / Save Room):
dudleys mix all day, perfect!

Alvaro Hylander (Deepwit):
Dudley is on fire!! great remix together with Onur's interpretation totally does it for me.

Sean Danke (Affin / Something Different Records):
Dudley Strangeways dub up remix is Phat..Great EP.

Aartekt (OFF Records / Natural Rhythm / Something Different):
Loving the original - full support!!

Scott Harrington (Savoir Faire Musique):
Onur Ozman remix is seriously good, full support from me!!!

Roland Nights (Lost MY Dog):
Onur Ozman and Dudley Strangeways mixes are my picks on the Leman EP, nice and deep!

Dave James (Renaissance):
Onur Ozman remix is shit hot!

Addex (i! Records / Soul Industries):
remixes are good but i like original.

Matt Prehn (oh So coy Recordings):
Very nice EP...diggin on the og version and Onurs remix!!

James Francis (Saved):
Great release from SDR!  The original and remixes sound great but its the Dudley Strangeways Dub Up Mix thats doing it for me!

Thomas Sonora (Kolorit Records):
Mr. Leman original is nice with an interesting sound and Leman-style vocals! Onur Ozman Remix is dope for me, really enjoying this one!

J Kar (Something Different Records):
original and onur ozman remix for me...some nice deep elements..thank you

Al Bradley (Bulletdodge / 3am Recordings):
Nice vibes here, the ones I'm feeling are Dudley's dub which adds something to the original, plus Onur's mix which is solid & has a cool change-up 2/3 through - cool stuff.

Deepmilo (Cubism / Endemic Digital):
To start, A great EP all round from start to finish. All mixes offer a unique take on the original but for me what caught my attention was Onur Ozman's remix. I loved the chord stabs, reminds me of those late 90's Deep House records and that pitched down vocal really adds to the mood of the track. Perfectly suited for those Bar Time grooves, summer chill outs at sunset and pre midnight warm ups. Definitely an 8/10 from me.

Tony S (Bulletdodge / Draft / Soul Industries):
Original Mix - great vocal / tempo / overall feel, bass frequency nearly blew my iPhone headphones (a good sign). Great vocal hook when it hits full stride. Will be a big after party hit. 100% support on this one. Dudley Strangeways Dub Up Mix - nicely produced but slightly more prog feel and not really for me. Matthieu Duchesne Remix - drew me in straight away, nice techy sounds & groove. Builds well and uses the vocal part to the fore & very effectively, also very good keys & bass work. Full support. Onur Ozman Remix - more straight ahead house feel, great keys and the detuned vocal works well. Not quite as strong as the original or Duchesne mixes for me but still strong. Overall - great EP, look forward to playing the Original & Duchesne mixes out next month!

Soul Sway (Savoir Faire Musique / Deep Edition Recordings):
Wow, that original is fire!

Dilby (Beef Records):
Dudley Strangeways Remix is awesome. Thans for sending!

Marc LaCasse (Oxide / Chicago FM):
All great remixes, def hitting the spark is Matthieu Duchesne & Onur Özman. Deep long chords filled with classy sultry emotions. The wobbley bits ¾ way in OO’s rmx will engage the next mix emotionally for me.

Jerry K (Society 3.0):
my favorite is Onur Ozman Remix!!

Louis Hughes (6th Sense / 1999 Recordings):
Yeah really liking this one.  The OG and Onur Ozman mix are the pick for me.  As you know also put it in my chart for January and will be playing it on my show.

Darren Gregory (Wasabi Generals Records / Republic Artists):
Solid e.p, Ozman mix is top draw will defo play

Mark Santangelo (Movement-UK):
like the groove on Mr. Léman - Love That Deep (Onur Özman Remix) works best for me cheers

Shlomi Biton (Tunnel FM):
Original, Matthieu & Onur remixes are great, Sweet ep man Thanks

Rory Cochrane (Deepvibes Radio):
Thanks for promo, think this could be favourite SDR to date, killer remixes from Matthieu Duchesne & Onur Ozman here!! Really infectious vocal, love it!!! 10/10

Alan Culvin (Nervine Records):
another very strong release from Something Different HQ... Mr Leman on top form with the original, while Dudley Strangeways gets top mark from me with his take on this big tune...

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