Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Jesus Pablo - Supper Sessions - 19.12.2011

Weekly Picks
Paul Loraine - Smile [Flumo Recordings]
Patrick Podage & Nikola Kotevski - Life Must Be (Original Mix) [Savoir Faire Musique]
Stride - S'bend [Flumo Recordings]

Jesus Pablo's One to Watch
Jesus Pablo - The F Word (Robot Needs Oil Remix) [Headtunes Recordings]

Blast from the Past
Fire Island - In Your Bones [Boy's Own Recordings]

One of my Own
Randal Soeung - What It's For (Jesus Pablo Remix) [Headset Recordings]

Mini Mix Up
Mike Montano - Copy Vibe & Paste Love (Philipp Ort Dead Serious Remix) [Pins And Needles]
Patrick Di Stefano & Luca Doobie - Get Through (Classic Mix) [Off Spin Recordings]
Meterius Johnson - Entrophy (Harold Heath Remix) [Alma Soul Music]
Richtberg & Wojkowski - Paint It Black (Chase Buch Remix) [Fino Music]

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